Felix Mann has developed his thinking and practice
of acupuncture over 40 years.


As Felix Mann has developed his theory and practice of acupunture over 45 years, some of his early published works have been superceded by his later works and are now out of print.

The courses are self-contained and do not need extra study, but for those who wish to pursue the subject, "Reinventing Acupunture" is published by Butterworth-Heinemann. Also available are "Atlas of Acupuncture" and "Acupuncture: Cure of Many Diseases", intended for the lay reader.

Reinventing Acupuncture and Scientific Aspects of Acupuncture are available for download for free from this site. Other titles can be purchased on-line from Amazon or Butterworth-Heinemann or via mail order, on a next day despatch service, from Acumedic, whose details are:-

Payment by cheque with order, or credit

card by phone/fax.

2000 Reinventing Acupuncture
2nd edition

1996 Reinventing Acupuncture
Revised 1st edition

1992 Reinventing Acupuncture
1st edition published, also in German and Italian.

1987 Textbook of Acupuncture (Omnibus)

1977 Scientific Aspects of Acupuncture
2nd edition in 1983
Also published in Japanese

1971 Acupuncture: Cure of Many Diseases
Revised edition 1972, USA edition 1972,
Pan edition 1972, 2nd edition 1992
Also published in Spanish, Dutch, Finnish, German,
Italian, Swedish

1966 Atlas of Acupuncture. 13 reprints

1964 The Meridians of Acupuncture
Also published in Italian

1963 The Treatment of Disease by Acupuncture
2nd edition 1967; 3rd edition 1974

1962 Acupuncture: The Ancient Chinese Art of Healing
Revised 1962; 2nd edition 1971; Revised edition 1973
3rd edition 198l; USA editions 1963 + 1972
Also published in Italian